We claim to get competitive advantages and prove to be a precious partner in construction market of Azerbaijan as well as of other countries in the world by gaining sustainable successes in construction business and confidence building with our clients who highly appreciate our work quality. Our main policy is conditioned on our stategy to remain loyal to our commitment to meet our consumers’ requirenments and observe related laws of Azerbaijan Republic and international regulations.
Getting use of integrated management system aimed at securing high records on ecology and safety, our company claims to:
- minimize risks of ecological pollutions by means of keeping control over the ecological issues;
- keep control over risks threatening labor safety and occupational health to ensure that healthy environment is provided for our staff and subcontractors in their work places.
We claim to raise the level of sustainable development and increase effectiveness of integrated management system by taking the following measures:
■ identification and analyses of operational purposes in the field of environment and labor safety;
■ analyses of indentified processes and provision of resourses needed to keep control over them;
■ regular trainings to be held for staff members in order to increase their awareness on issues of specialized skills along with those related to quality, environment protection and labor safety;
■ hiring only professionals and using only highly professional labor for works in accordance with requirements of consumers;
■ review of information coming from customers and other interested sides (suppliers, subcontractors, state bodies, etc.) and covering all expressed demands and complaints;
■ analyses held by management board to constantly keep track of internal and external auditors, initiation of correcting and preventive measures;
■ pursuit of business in accordance with code of ethics showing respectful attidude to interested sides for the sake of gaining sustainable successes;
■ do everything right, effectively and at minimum costs from the very begining to ensure that activity records of the company constantly impove;
■ detailed risks assesments related to possible accidents and occupational diseases of employees, and taking preventive measures to minimize these risks;
■ save on fuel, electricity, water and other resourses consumed and manage control of industrial waste through technical and organizational measures in order to prevent from pollutions of environment;
■ incite suppliers and subcontractors to apply the standards of program preparation aimed at quality, environment, health and safety issues as well as sustainable development of the company.

Nushrevan Jalilov General Director


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