“AS Inshhaat-N” LLC carries out a series of various construction services including the following:
- construction an thorough repairs of industrial and civil buildings;
- construction of roads, bridges and hidrotechnical facilities, assembling of preengineered structures, installation of heating facilities, execution of electric installation works, production of bricks and metallic materials;
- earth moving works, transport of soil, pebbles, stones, other construction materials, soil drainage works, etc.

Rules of work performances and planning:
The following is observed when construction works are performed:
• agreed activities of all participants performing construction works are coordinated with general contractor whose decisions on agreed work plans and schedules are of an obligatory content for all participants regardless of their subordination.
• package provision of material resources needed for buildings, facilities, sections, floors, tiers within times set in planned schedules;
• construction, installation and special construction works are performed in accordance to technologically preassigned order and technical specifications;
• observance of safety rules;
• observance of environment protection rules.

The company plans and work out prosesses that provides for sutainability of the product, which is adjusted to requirements related to other prosesses of quality management system. The planning of construction investment prosess is shown is the following table:

Production of construction materials and structures
This includes ferroconcrete items, reinforced structures for piles, plates, foundation posts and blocks, etc.

Ferroconcrete items are of the following sizes and brands:

- Provision of services by means of lifting operations
- Work performance for slinging and installation of heavy load by means of lifting devices (mobile crane g 25t, crawler crane 50 t)
- Rent of transport and machinery
- To perform complex construction the company can rent wheeled excavators, rollers 14t, dump trucks, bulldozers and other special equipments
- Implementation of any local project works
- The company will perform excavation work of any complexity: excavations for foundations, preparation of pits with alignment axis and geodetic elevations, backfills, embankments and planning.


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